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Gathering of Eagles 2020

June 2020



A Registration Form will be available after our Gathering dates are confirmed. Because of our camping and meal arrangements this year, it is important that everyone register ahead of time,
if at all possible.
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Our location for the 2020 Spiritual Unity of the Tribes Gathering of Eagles is Shambhala Mountain Center, 50 miles northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado.
The address is 151 Shambhala Way, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545.
 It is a Buddhist retreat center on 600 acres which was founded in 1971 
Vidyadhara Chogyum Trungpa Rinpoche
Cell phones often do not work there, because of the remote location.
 Shambhala Mountain Center is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and the elevation is 8,000 feet.
 See more detailed information about the Center at

Google Maps

Directions to Shambhala Mountain Center

from Interstate 25

  1. Merge onto CO-14 W/E Mulberry Street via Exit 269B toward Fort Collins for 3.5 miles.
  2. Turn slight right onto Riverside Avenue. (Riverside Avenue is 0.3 miles past S. Lemay Avenue.)
  3. Riverside Avenue becomes Jefferson Street. You are on Riverside/Jefferson for about 1 mile.
  4. Turn slight right onto N. College Ave/US-287 N/CO-14 W. Follow US-287/CO-14 W for 3.4 miles.
  5. Turn slight right just past N. Shields Street to stay on US-287 N for .5 miles.

  6. Follow US-287/CO-14/La Porte Bypass for 16.6 miles.

  7. Turn left onto CR-74E/Red Feather Lakes Road/Jackass Road/Livermore for another 12.8 miles.
  8. Turn left onto CR-68C/Boy Scout Road just past the blue and white sign, “Shambhala Mountain Center.”
  9. Follow CR-68C/Boy Scout Road for 5 miles (unpaved).

  10. Turn left at the entrance to Shambhala Mountain Center, 151 Shambhala Way.


The County only allows camping at Shambhala Mountain Center in the tents that they provide, which are 12 x 14 feet canvas tents on wooden platforms which contain two twin beds, bookcases, and hanging clothes racks.

No RVs are allowed, however, there are several campgrounds close by which can be used for people with RVs. The standard fee for camping is $90 per day per person, which includes three meals per day. Due to the fact that we do not charge to attend the Gathering of Eagles, we are being allowed to pay $15 per person, per day for our meals, and donate as much as possible for our tent fees, in lieu of the $90 fee.
BEDDING IS NOT PROVIDED. Please bring your own pillows, twin size sheets, sleeping bags or blankets (mindful that the nights will be cold), and towels for limited shower use.

Individual campfires will not be allowed due to fire danger.

for more information

There are various lodging rooms available for anyone who does not want to sleep in a tent, requires electricity, etc.
Please see the website at for detailed descriptions and fees, and make your own arrangements for lodging by calling the Center at 888.788.7221.
All lodging fees also include three meals per day.

Food & Supplies

Please read this important information

  • As mentioned above, our meals are being provided by Shambhala Mountain Center. It is not possible for us to prepare our own food. There will be choices for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and those who are gluten-intolerant. We are being asked to donate $15 per person, per day for our meals. If this is not possible for you, please let us know and we will make other arrangements for your meals to be paid. We would like as many people as possible to make their food donations and tent donations ahead of time, in order to provide Shambhala Mountain Center the funds they will need to purchase food for us, etc.
  • Be sure to bring modest clothing appropriate for ceremonies and be prepared for any kind of weather. It may be hot in the daytime, and at 8,000 feet elevation, can be very cold at night. Bring sturdy shoes, layered clothing, folding chairs for sitting in the arbor and at your campsite, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, rain gear, flashlights, etc. Also, as mentioned above, we need to provide our own bedding for the tents.
  • Alcohol/drugs/firearms and dogs are never allowed at the Gatherings. Shambhala Mountain Center also has a policy of no pets whatsoever.
  • The entire four days of the Gathering of Eagles is a ceremony; therefore, phones, cameras, and other electronic devices should not be used until after the sacred fire is put out at the closing. Photography and videotaping are never allowed in the arbor or other ceremonial areas.

Other information

to keep in mind.

  • Sunday is "camp day" so that we can get settled in. The opening ceremony will begin early Monday morning. The Gathering will conclude at the end of the day on Thursday. We encourage everyone to stay over until Friday, if at all possible, to make your goodbyes.
  • We would like to assist as many Elders as possible with their transportation and lodging expenses. Please contact us if you are able to help with the "Sponsor an Elder Program."
  • The Gatherings are an exercise in community living, and we need everyone’s participation in order to handle the fire tending, assisting the Elders, youth activities, clean-up, etc. Please come prepared to sign up for at least a couple of hours helping in the area of your choice.
  • The nearest airport is Denver International Airport, two to two and a half hours away.
  • If you would like to mail your donations for meals and tent space and/or make a donation(s) to help with the rest of our preparations ahead of time, it would be most appreciated.
    Please make checks to the Gathering of Eagles and mail to Terra Eyl, 2818 Stanford Road, Fort Collins, CO 80525.
  • For further information, call Mary Ellen and Clay Uptain at +1 605.341.0724; or e-mail us at

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