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At the gathering in Tanacross, Alaska in 1992, Jim Walton and a group of elders agreed to ask Don O'Connor to take the Gatherings to Australia.

At the time of this writing, April 2019, there have been 21 S.U.T. Gatherings held in Australia.

The first Australian Spiritual Unity of the Tribes Gathering in Australia was held at Daylesford, Victoria, Australia during Easter 1999; the second at Hatfield, NSW in November 1999; and the third at Lake Mungo, Easter 2000.

The fourth gathering was held at Menindee Mission, NSW in September 2000. The fifth was at Weldborough, Tasmania in January 2001; and the sixth at Wood Wood, Victoria, Easter 2002. The seventh was at Daylesford, Victoria in March 2005; the eighth at Menindee, NSW in November 2005; the ninth at the Coorong in March 2006; the tenth at the Coorong in March 2007; the eleventh at Kangaroo Island, S.A. in September 2007; the twelfth at Dja Willam, Daylesford, Victoria in April 2010.

The thirteenth was at Menindee, NSW in November 2012; the fourteenth at Halls Gap, Victoria in April 2013; the fifteenth at Halls Gap, Victoria in May 2014; the sixteenth at Halls Gap, Victoria in May 2015; and the seventeenth at Menindee, NSW in October 2015.

Visitors to the Australian Gatherings have come from all over the world, including Europe, Alaska, New Zealand, the Philipines, and the USA.

Spiritual Unity of the Tribes, Australia is a registered non-profit organization, loved and cared for by Don O’Connor, Sue Ewart, John and Judi Palmer and an ever-changing group of volunteer helpers.

Don and Sue made their journey to the Spirit World in November 2016.

Since then, John and Judi have taken on the leadership role.

The Spiritual Unity website in Australia is

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