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We welcome each and everyone who is called to take part in the Spiritual Unity of Tribes - Gathering of Eagles.
In order that we might all have a positive experience, please observe the following guidelines during your stay with us.

Do show your respect for the Arbor, the Sacred Fire and the Traditional Elders present by:

  • BEING UNDER THE ARBOR as much as possible in respect for the Elders and Speakers, many whom have traveled great distances to be here.
  • DRESSING MODESTLY, mindful that this is Sacred Ceremony.
  • MAKING ROOM in the front rows for Elders and Speakers.
  • BEING QUIET AND RESPECTFUL, especially when anyone is praying or speaking.
  • OBSERVING THE POSTED PROTOCOLS if you want to participate in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony.
  • RESPECTING OTHER PEOPLE'S BELIEFS by not proselytizing (preaching or trying to persuade to your point of view.) Limit the length of time you speak in the Arbor.
  • RESPECTING THE SACRED FIRE. It is not a campfire. Please feel free to place your offerings in the Fire. Do not put water in the Fire at any time.
  • STAYING AWAY FROM THE SACRED PIPES if a woman is on her Moon Time. Ask a committee member if you have questions about this protocol. Pipes are used in Sweat Lodges and sometimes brought into the Arbor.
  • REFRAINING FROM SMOKING under the Arbor and in any of the buildings. Please put cigarette butts in your pocket and pick up any that you may see on the ground.
  • KEEPING THE ARBOR AREA free from drink bottles, etc. when you leave the area.
  • DO DRIVE VERY SLOWLY within the Drala Mountain Center property and keep the driving of vehicles on the roads to a minimum, due to the impact on the land. After setting up your camp area and parking your car in the parking area, do not drive down into the camping area until you are ready to break camp unless you are transporting someone with special needs.
  • DO KEEP THE CAMP free from alcohol, drugs, and weapons. Please report any inappropriate behavior to a committee member.
  • DO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR DOGS to stay elsewhere, as they are not allowed at Gatherings. If dogs accompany anyone, they will be requested to camp in a separate campground.
  • DO SIGN UP to do your part to help out. We need help with the kitchen cleanup duties, check-in, Elder shuttle, youth activities, and other areas. Please sign up by the kitchen.
  • DO SHOW RESPECT for the Elders and your neighbors by observing Quiet Time between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • DO KEEP phones, tablets, cameras, etc. turned off and put away until the fire is put out at the end of the Gathering.
  • DO KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE and what they are doing. Please do not allow them to play in the vicinity of the Arbor.
  • DO RESPECT DRALA MOUNTAIN CENTER rules by not having an open fire of any kind. We only have permission for the Arbor Fire and the Sweat Lodge Fire.
  • DO SHOW RESPECT FOR MOTHER EARTH by minimizing waste and recycling appropriate items. Help keep the property clean at all times by picking up any litter that you might see.
  • DO RESPECT the plant life in the area by leaving them in the ground.
  • REMEMBER that this is Sacred Ground – treat it as you would your Mother.

    Mitakuye Oyasin

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