“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn.  Tell me a truth and I’ll believe.
But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”*

A space for reflection and storytelling around the fire…

How have myth and the co-creation of stories guided us?

What are our stories?  Our parent’s stories?  Our grandparent’s stories?

How do we know what to value, what to teach,

what to hold and preserve, what to hand down and create?

How are we weaving our stories into one story?


“Elders realize it is a tough job to deepen the spirituality of mankind– but we cannot quit here. It would be our fault if the people don’t hear us now…” — Jim Walton (Tlingit) Nenana, Alaska

“I feel a strong sense of solidarity with Spiritual Unity of the Tribes, not only because I am proud of my Native American ancestors, but also because the valiant struggle for justice and dignity of indigenous peoples is an inspiration to freedom-loving people everywhere. Not only people of color, but people of good will of every race can celebrate the rich contributions of the Indian peoples…” –Coretta Scott King, The King Center

“I am honored to be part of Spiritual Unity of the Tribes and to participate in fulfilling the vision of Grandfather Black Elk. The vision of unity of all the sacred tribes of the world: Red, Black, White, Yellow.

A vision of love, beauty, honor, respect, peace and unity of all Mother Earth’s children. One elder put it this way: “The Creator is not in competition with Himself. There is no wrong way or right way to pray. What is important is that you find your own path, and honor the Creator as you travel….I want the youth to be strong in their identity, to know themselves mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and to gain inner strength to carry on their life path…” –Freeda Hart (Cree), Manitoba

“The Gathering gave me a new hope and vision that there actually could be a world full of love, a world where we love our brothers and sisters and live in peace regardless of race or creed or what kind of life you are.” -Carol Potter, Brookfield, Wisconsin