“Everything leaves a track.” — Gregory Cajete


We all leave impressions on the Land, and one another…



As we prepare for the Gathering,

our many paths become one path for these four days,
as we strive toward greater unity and spiritual renewal…
What tracks will we leave? What trails will we follow?
What songs will we sing? What dances will we share?

Preparation & Participation

“No one is a bystander in life.”  – Ben Rhodd

Please bring a rock, 5 inches in diameter or larger,
to prayerfully contribute to the creation of
a Medicine Wheel during the Gathering.

Share your Gifts

We are all better when we each share our unique gifts. Give as you can.

Food Donations

Coffee, fresh fruit and vegetables, spices, dry goods such as flour or sugar, dried or canned beans, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, canned tuna, whole grains such as rice, oats or barley, pickles, jerky, granola, cereal or protein bars, freeze-dried items, oil…

For other items, please email us.

Art Gallery

For bringing items for display….

Please bring easels or tables to help show the artworks in the Art Gallery.

Silent Auction/Raffle Items

If you wish to donate ahead of time, please contact us!

Financial Gifts

All contributions are gratefully accepted to cover understood costs and unforeseen needs.  Click the button below or bring your donation to the registration table when you arrive.

If you wish to send a check, contact our treasurer:

Time Contributions

Consider signing up for a shift:

  • Fire tenders
  • First aid caretakers
  • Kitchen helpers/dancers
  • Registration table
  • Welcoming stewards
  • Helping our Elders
  • Safety guardians


Wisdom Offerings

If the spirit moves you to contribute your innate gifts with a community workshop, a program for youth, children or junior youth, or __________.

Please plan to bring whatever supplies are needed for your workshop, storytelling, dancing, music, nature walks, health/healing information, etc.

If you have questions or requests, please fill out the following form and/or contact us.